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Customs Clearances at all ports within the U.S.

customs broker in Chicago

Need a Customs Broker in Chicago?

Expert Chicago Customs Brokers

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best customs broker in Chicago

Services Offered: Customs Clearances, Low Sea Freight Rates, International Shipping, Import, Export, Full Containers, LTL, Air Freight, Bulk Containers From India To US, Customs Bonds, Tariff Analysis,  Warehouse Entries, Intermodal Service, Duty Recovery, Ocean Freight...and more.

Experience Matters

Don't just hire the first customs broker that you find. Use an experienced customs broker with a track record of success. Each Chicago customs broker that we recommend is an expert in their field. We perform extensive company background checks and receive feedback from importers.

It is beneficial to have a customs broker in Chicago arrange for the transportation and customs clearance of imported freight because Chicago is a central location within the U.S. A majority of imports coming into the U.S. pass through Chicago in transition to its final destination. Chicago logistics companies are often involved in the import process even when the destination is a port other than Chicago.

The companies listed are located in the Chicagoland area and can perform customs brokerage duties out of the Chicago port and all ports within the U.S. Need a transportation company in Chicago? Use one shipping company for all logistics needs.




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Need a Customs Broker or Freight Forwarder in Chicago? Our shipping experts will provide the lowest transportation costs from companies in Chicago that can ship freight worldwide.

Customs Clearances - All Ports
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Specialty Services


Cargo Insurance

Want to make sure that your imported freight is covered in the event of an accident while in transit to the US? Purchasing additional cargo insurance is an option that a customs broker can offer to protect importers from financial loss due to damaged freight.


Have an import shipment valued at $2,500 or more? A customs bond will be required. Both single entry and continuous bonds can be obtained at a discounted rate through one of our Chicago customs brokers.

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Customs Bonds


Get a customs clearance at any port in the U.S. before it even arrives. Our experienced customs brokers can file remotely at any port in the US.

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Think you are getting overcharged by your customs broker? International shipping charges vary depending on the mode of transportation. Learn about the various fees that incur to keep importing costs down. Compare rates and stop getting overcharged.

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Why Hire a Customs Broker

With over 500 pages of Customs regulations and thousands of tariff classifications, imported freight has to meet government standards before it clears Customs. Because there are so many variables with government regulations, importing freight can become complex and costly if violations occur.

A customs broker is well educated in classifying freight with the proper tariff code. They keep up to date with any new amendments and will represent an importer if an inspection is required.  In the event of an inspection, a customs broker can help clear up problems that arise and communicate directly with CBP on behalf of the importer.

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