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Most importers find out quickly that a customs broker plays an essential role during the import process for freight coming into the United States. Individuals or businesses that import cargo on a regular basis should establish a good relationship with a customs broker. This can keep shipping costs down and avoid costly penalties for not following government regulations.

Tracking multiple import shipments can become increasingly time consuming. Imported freight passes through the hands of several shipping companies while in transit to the U.S. A customs broker will track imported cargo on a daily basis and ensure that all paperwork is in order to obtain a customs clearance without delay.

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Need a Customs Broker or Freight Forwarder in Chicago? Our shipping experts will provide the lowest transportation costs from companies in Chicago that can ship freight worldwide.

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Imported freight can be inspected by CBP at any time. Protect yourself now by having a customs broker represent you in the event of an inspection. Streamlining your import process can also help reduce costly freight inspections.

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Have an import shipment valued at $2,500 or more? Then you will need a customs bond on the imported freight.

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Get a customs clearance at any port in the U.S. now. Find a customs broker in Chicago that will clear your imported freight anywhere.

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Think you are getting overcharged? Learn about the different fees that importers pay. Don't get overcharged any longer.

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